Doctoral students are smart and hard-working, but only a handful finish their dissertation.  We're a supportive volunteer group that will help.  


Welcome to Finish The Dissertation! 

We provide one-to-one support for doctoral students through phone, Skype, or personal conferences.  This is a completely free, non-commercial, and voluntary group dedicated to supporting doctoral students who want to finish their dissertation.

To participate, just e-mail Please share this site with colleagues at any university.  The only requirement is a sincere desire to FINISH THE DISSERTATION.

Why?  Only 29% of students in the liberal arts finish their dissertation within 7 years.


Where?  Wherever you have an internet connection. We provide one-to-one assistance by Skype, phone, or if you are in the Boston area, in person.


Who?  Open to all graduate students  at any university.  Last year we had participants from throughout the United States, Europe, Central America, and Africa.  Please join us - we all want you to finish your dissertation!

Finish the Dissertation

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